1) Hello Orjan how are you? Thanks for giving us this nice interview! Can you tell us about the idea behind your new album ?

Ø: Well thanks for having me first of all! The idea came from so many people always recognising my tracks, even if it were something totally different. So it’s sort of the thin red line in my sound. Hence the title ‘’The Devil Is In The Detail’’. Regardless of the genre of each of the songs in it, for sure you can recognise me in it.

2) How do you feel about the future of Dance Music and the upcoming sound tendencies?

Ø: I feel the quality amongst producers are getting higher and higher, at least for us studio «geeks» it’s very exciting with all the new techniques and possibilities in production these days! So I feel it will continue to develop and keep many dance music fans intrigued for many years.

3) “In my Opinion”, “No Saint out of Me”, “Prism”, “The Devil is in the Detail” , do you feel your music changed after producing so many amazing albums? Or even your artistic point of view about Dance Music?

Ø: Of course I think it has changed, it always will! But I think the biggest part of me is still there, which are the melodies! Trying out new stuff to master another type of production is something. I’ll always strive to achieve so hopefully, people can hear the development in those 4 albums. A dream of mine is to be able to produce every genre out there, hence why I love experimenting so much. Most importantly – it truly teaches me on how to be better, and for me as an artist that is very important.

4) In 2013 you came to Brazil in a huge ASOT 600 event, we have been there partying like crazy in the dance floor. Your set was absolutely “BOMBASTIC”. Is there any chance to see you soon here on a festival or even in a club near? Please also, can tell us about your memories about Brazil!

Ø: Oh man what a night that was, might be the night I truly fell in love with the Brazilian audience! I really do hope so, as I had one of my most memorable nights there so I will do my best to come there in 2020! But, that’s up to the promoters of course! At least now you know I’m VERY ready for a long overdue return to your beautiful country! As far as my best memory from that night, it have to be as soon as my intro track dropped and EVERYONE screamed from the top of their lungs! Goosebumps thinking of it still.

5) If you need to pick one artist to collaborate on a new song, someone that you never worked together before, who would you choose?

Ø: Always a difficult question, cause there’s so many! But probably one of my production idols, The Swedish House Don himself, Axwell! That would’ve been great!

6) Can you tell us about your label “In My Opinion” and the 2020 expectations?

Ø: Well for me it’s a place where I can really be free and try out new stuff, and a way to help and push new producers who just needs a change to develop! I think there will be a lot of nice surprises on that label next year, let’s just leave it at that for now.. 😉

7)  So many great vocal tracks on your new album. Can you tell us about those vocal singers in your album?

Ø: I don’t really work together with the singers in the album, which is a real shame. Usually you just get a catalogue of vocals that you can choose from depending on your vision and you build a track around it. In rare instances sometimes you would go back to them for some minor changes, but its not a face-to-face  type of cooperation. However the singer of ‘’Up & Up’’ and ‘’Chasing For The Sun’’ joined me in the studio for a day, we worked on acoustic versions and we got to know each other, it was very interesting to hear their side of the story (we will be sharing these, so keep an eye on socials). I also had the honor to meet Damon Sharpe, with whom we worked on ‘’Ghost Ship’’ and ‘’Phantom Heart’’ and we bonded so well that we are already planning on sitting down together in LA and start something from scratch, together.

8) Talking about the studio life. How long did you take to produce this entire album?

Ø: It took over a year to finish the entire album, sometimes touring makes it really hard to meet deadlines, but yaay it worked out! Took a month of this summer, which I never do during festival season but this year, it was nothing short of necessary to be able to finish it! Not regreting that now!

09) A cliche question. Whats your favorite track of “The Devil is in the Detail” album?

Ø: Haha oh man.. Such a hard question tho cause they’re all like my «darlings».. But there’s something special about ‘Midnight Shine’ and the memories behind it. Won’t go into depth about that, that’s just for me! 

10) Please send a message to all your South American friends and fans specially from Brazil. Thank you very much Orjan, we love your work so much!

Ø: Thank you guys so much for still giving me one of the strongest memories I have, and hopefully we get to share plenty of new ones in the future! Brazil, I love you!