After a brief release interlude, Solarstone returns to the fore with an eminent new single offering. Instrumental in composition and standalone in terms of the studio (some ‘Solostone’, if you will!), it comes in the formidable form of ‘Sovereign’

Unattached to any of his recent longplayers (‘island’, ‘EA4’ or last autumn’s ‘Pure Trance 9’), the track is ripe with the promise of future album projects. Hot off his mixing desk at the start of March, Solarstone test-ran it in that mighty trance proving ground of Poland’s ASOT 1000. Having received a rapturous response, ‘Sovereign’ saw out the month by pulling off the same crowd-wowing feat at Dreamstate, Miami.

Rich lends some industriously metallic clank to its percussion loops and plenty of majesty to its chord progressions, while its from-the-heavens female harmonies play off against some catchy-AF male ones. Solarstone balances its primetime tempo with some coolly progressive undertones, while the track’s pads radiate warmth with every note.

With plenty of blue blood pumping through its veins, Solarstone’s ‘Sovereign’ is destined to reign over floors for many a clubbing era to come. You can find it, in all its glory, on sales and streaming sites here from today [].


  1. Solarstone – Sovereign (Original Mix)
  2. Solarstone – Sovereign (Extended Mix)