• You guys are frequently releasing new amazing tracks and teasers to the crowd around the world with so many new IDs. Did we listen to any of them at Laroc Club?

We are sure the crowd heard many ID’s during our set at Laroc  . We have a lot of new music out in 2019!

  • Brazilian Trance Family got in the mood when the Laroc line-up was revealed! It was kind of unbelievable to realize that all those great names of Trance music would be gathered in such an incredible club! The last time it happened was so long ago! How did you feel about Laroc Club and playing with these gigs?

Its really great to see big clubs in Brazil promoting Trance Music!

  • You have already played in Brazil before but what do you think about the Brazilian crowds? What makes us different from everyone else?

The crowd at Laroc was amazing , what a venue also . The Brazilian crowd are very passionate on the dance floor, they love their music, we can see this everytime we play here.

  • Your album is coming soon and the tracks are bringing us so much energy and emotion! Many Brazilian fans told us they are super excited to listen to the new tracks recently released from this amazing album. Did you guys play some ID tracks from the album ?

Thanks for the kind words. There have been several IDs in the set :))

  • Where are you off to next on tour and where are you excited to visit?

Our next trip is for EDC Week in Las Vegas where we play Dreamstate at Marquee then Dreamstate arena at EDC Vegas , we are always excited to visit every country we play in , is always cool discovering new countries !!

  • What about Ibiza, we heard you have an exciting residency out there this year!

Yes we are residents for Shine alongside Paul Van Dyk, 2nd year in a row, last year was really great summer there , we are looking forward to being back there from July

7. Finally, a message for your Brazilian fans!

Thank You so much for your support over the years!!

Thank you! We cant wait to see you guys soon here for more amazing events!!