As we all know, Gai Barone has always deserved prominence for his excellent way of taking his sets in

a perfect sequence from start to finish! It’s time to learn a little more about his life, tracks and collabs! Gai welcomed us with open arms with all his charisma and beautiful words so that we, lovers of hissongs and sets, can learn more about his productions and news!

Hello Gai Barone, thank you so much for giving us this amazing interview.

Hello guy, I’m very happy to be interviewed by you, I’m a big fan!

When did you start playing and making music? Could you tell us about the beginning of your career?

I think I started to make music when  I was very young back in the days; before being a dj or a producer I’m a musician, I started to play piano when I was 4 years old, and actually never stopped since then;

In the early 90’s I fell in love with house music and started djing and collecting vinyls for me but it was only in 2008/09 I started to produce electronic music, firstly for me and then for the other people, so it’s quite a recent thing 🙂

Which motives give you strength to carry on your dream as a musician? Friends? Family? Fans?

I think the main reason I keep on producing music is the Music itself, I mean I live for it, it’s a passion for something that keeps me going and going every day,  it’s “ONLY” Love ;

In the beginning, when you started producing your tracks, which was your biggest inspiration?

Actually my biggest inspiration came from Frankie Knuckles, or Todd Terrie which  were real pioneers and invented more than a genre!

How do you organize yours days in studio and gigs around the world?

I usually spent my days in studio and with family but it’s always a question of quality time; in the last years I learnt to give more value to the time of my life, either with family or music, so even if I spent 2 hours on a music project they must be 2 full hours of music and not on trying every last plugin, just focus on what really matters!

You have an amazing weekly radioshow called Patterns and it happens every Wednesday, could you tell us more about it? 

Thanks a lot, glad you like it! The philosophy of Patterns is quite simple, I play what I really like, don’t care about genres or what some cool dj out there plays; it’s my program 🙂 and I play what I love, easy as that!

You are worldwide known by your accurate progressive sound. Great harmonies, melodies and also creativity. Where does this inspiration come from?

It usually comes from “sounds” or from improvising something on the piano or guitar: I come from the “classic Academy” which is usually made of harmonies and melodies, I think I can escape from them !, it’s part of me!!

Along the years you had many collabs with progressive house, deep, and trance artists. For example Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Jim Rivers, Solarstone and many more. 

We from Trance Mag BR always supported and loved the fusion between progressive house and trance. What do you think about this alliance? 

I think it can be helpful for some people categorise sounds into genres, but honestly every category is never independent and it’s really blurry, I mean my idea of trance is something underground that keeps on evolving during the time, which may be the same definition of progressive house!

You already remixed tracks from Brazilian producers like Morttagua, Danilo Ercole, etc. What do you think about the works from Brazilian producers? 

They are so good, love their sounds and how they build their tracks! They have their identities and this is what makes a producer a real artist!

What are your next projects for this year? Could you tell more us about future tracks and collabs?

I’ve just finished some new remixes which will be out in the next months, they will be a bit different, but hope you ll enjoy them anyway!

and thanks God, so  many things happening atm and also I want to focus on a new album and some collabs that I want to keep secret, but I promise you will love them!!

A word that defines TRANCE for you.


We published some days ago your newest compilation “In The Mix 006 – Progressive Sessions” which is amazing. Whats the secret to choose these tracks giving the perfect sequence in your mixsets? 

basically the same I use for Patterns, I feel it I play it; my purpose the In the Mix 006 was to collect some of the best progressive and deep trance tracks I usually play in my sessions, and I did it ;

there are no rules for good music, and I wanted to do something a bit different from the other compilation in the market at the moment! I wanted that the collection should sound as A Bonzai Compilation full of deep and underground feelings that this mighty label has in its DNA

Do you have a favorite production from yourself? Which track did you most fall in love when making it?

Most of my favourite productions are kind of b-side! I still remember when I made Little Bad Wolf, which has some elements taken from Drum and Bass, or Petals back in the days, definitely unknown to many people but still in my heart.

You have just been as as part of the Line Up on ASOT850 progressive stage. Can you tell us more about this incredible experience?

It was unbelievable, everything was perfect, and the attention to every details is something you cannot find anywhere else; moreover I loved to share the stage with some of my favourite djs and producers ever!

Do you have any plans/invites to come to Brazil? Brazilian fans are waiting for your gig!

AW, trust me, I love Brazil so much, I visited it many times and every time is just like the first!

love people and their way to live their unique lives! we all should learn from your point of view of living a life with joy!

Could you tell some words for your Brazilian fans?

Saudade, Obrigado, but my favourite is Iemanja … I ll make  a track with that name!

TranceMAG//BR crew thank you for this amazing opportunity! We wish you a awesome year with so much success! 

Best regards!

I thank you so much for this amazing interview and hope to make another one in Brazil, face to face!!