For many, June’s release of Craig Connelly and HALIENE’s ‘Other Side Of The World’ delivered one of the most memorable (and downright singable!) floor-anthems of the summer. Was there any reason, the pair wondered, that the track couldn’t pull off the same feat in winter!?

Time to find out …

From his ‘Skygarden’ debut, Daxson’s gone on to become a mainstay of festival & arena events; served one floor-fuelling release after another, and in 2022 delivered his critically applauded first album. Oh, and he’s proved himself a highly capable set of remix hands too – something not lost on Craig Connelly. Craig originally tapped Daxson for a remix of his ‘Anything Like You’ a few years back. With that in mind, when it came to winter-warming ‘Other Side Of The World’, there was no other name on his list … 

The Coldharbourite’s treatment takes the stylistic ground already covered by the original wholly into account. While Craig & HALIENE’s version had the melodic, harmonic and uplifting ends on lock, Daxson delivers something later-night-lethal. He’s charged up the bass-batteries, gone full-focal on HALIENE’s vocal, and rewired it into a savage garden of drum-pump, mainline rip and sonic soar.  One for to-the-dawn merchants out there, you can find streaming and sales options for Daxson’s ‘Other Side Of The World’ rework here [ ]


01: Craig Connelly & HALIENE – Other Side Of The World (Daxson Remix)
02: Craig Connelly & HALIENE – Other Side Of The World (Daxson Extended Remix)