What would the world look like if adults built relationships in the same carefree manner as children? Drawn from her recollection-themed Ghost Of The Light album, that’s the intriguing focus of Emma Hewitt’s new single.

With the song-centric album version already beguiling fans and baiting radiowaves, Emma has teamed up with Solarstone to cross ‘Children’ over into the clubs.    

Of ‘Children’, Emma says: “I wrote this song in Miami with Gavriel Rafael, an awesome pianist, producer and writer. We were hanging out and jamming in his studio and this song just whispered its way into existence. It harks back to that nostalgic vibe that’s been a true theme through ‘Ghost Of The Light’. It’s a story about those first exciting moments of knowing someone when nothing else can bring you down. Maybe this is for a long time, maybe it isn’t, but you know that you will always be connected through the memories being formed. Alan Moulder (The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN) mixed this for us which was another 90’s dream that seemed to match its feel.

Musically, Emma and Solarstone have built a production that sets its crosshairs squarely on primetime. Driven by an accelerated tempo, pulsating bass and an energized sub-riff, it’s opening minutes brilliantly build ‘Children’s mood. As it drops into the break, they strip it all back to put the spotlight on Emma’s spirit-filled words, before Solarstone’s spinning melodies and aerodynamic synths take it to peak rapture.

Emma Hewitt and Solarstone’s ‘Children’ collaboration hits stores and floors from today. Find it here [https://blackhole.lnk.to/children]!


01: Emma Hewitt x Solarstone – Children (Pure Mix)
02: Emma Hewitt x Solarstone – Children (Extended Pure Mix)