‘Rapture’… Yeah, that’s right, that ‘Rapture’. The one that 20 years back saw iiO (Markus Moser & Nadia Ali) usher in a cooler, deeper, more imaginative era of dance music songwriting. Since it’s been a piece of music that everyone from Avicii to Nadia herself have returned to, as ‘Rapture’ continues to enthral audiences far & wide.

On first release it was also a track that had a profoundly striking and inspiring effect on Kryder. Always looking for a way to add to its legacy, it wasn’t until he connected with fellow UK artist Natalie Shay that he spied a way. Together they have teamed up to bring a stunning new classic-but-contemporary version of ‘Rapture’ to floors and airwaves.

Ideal material for an artist as free-range as Kryder, his interpretation retains the original’s stylistic ambiguity, setting its feel within an ever-shifting nexus of melodic, trance and house. Natalie Shay meanwhile brings a vocal delivery, that manages to both subtly channel Nadia Ali’s iconic tone, whilst also leaving her own mark on the track. The purring allure of her opening minutes and verses allow it time to smoulder, before that unforgettable chorus finally sets light to the room.

A track for anyone who’s ever felt that first frisson pass across a clubfloor, Kryder & Natalie Shay’s ‘Rapture’ recapture is available from today, here (kryder.complete.me/rapture).   


01. Kryder & Natalie Shay – Rapture (Extended Mix)
02. Kryder & Natalie Shay – Rapture (Original Mix)