In 2021 Pavel Khvaleev advanced a bold new vision that began to challenge the very idea of what an electronic music release was. Created as much for eye as ear, his multisensory ‘Exhale’ album launched the Pavel Khvaleev Presents PARAFRAME experience.

From its commencement Pavel’s intention was always to un-dock his name from the project and let PARAFRAME exist in its own universe. At the start of this summer the Denton Swift collab ‘Solid Breaker’ began that process and it continues today with the release of PARAFRAME’s first solo outing, ‘Panic’,

Echoing the unique methodology behind PARAFRAME, ‘Panic’ nestles organically within a nexus of several musical sub-genres. House-patterned drums & rhythmic percussives, technoir bass & harmonics and FX’d electronica are blended into a ceaselessly hypnotic piece, that’s as addictive as it is floor-driving.

The music is only half of ‘Panic’s genius though. Pavel’s mind has envisioned an every-bit-as imaginative visual component to sit alongside its sonics. A work of art itself, its accompanying imagery is part Avant Garde film, part provocative music video and part Dalì-esque artistic canvas.

So, the question is … should you ‘Panic’?? The answer is most definitely ‘yes’ []


01: PARAFRAME – Panic (Original Mix)
02: PARAFRAME – Panic (Extended Mix)