You’ve got to hand it to her … when it comes to putting together meaningful, impactful collaborations, Christina Novelli has all the right instincts. With her latest, ‘Beautiful Lies’, she’s teamed up with Bo Bruce, and it’s hard to imagine another singer with whom she shares more common ground.

Christina and Bo grew up somewhat in the UK spotlight and in 2012 enjoyed near overnight success, Bruce as the season 1 finalist on The Voice and Novelli, of course with the unforgettable, ‘Concrete Angel’. Now, together, they’ve pooled that affinity to spin some ‘Beautiful Lies’.

If you were expecting something lighter-weight than Christina’s last release (the emotionally slaying ‘Leaving Me’ with ‘Monster’-singer, Sarah de Warren), best guess again! Their song mulls a love-on-life-support, where half-truths have indeed tipped over into ‘Beautiful Lies’.

You say you want the truth, but the truth hurts”, sings, Christina, while Bo counters “you’ve been burning me”, “I’ve been burning you” but “I keep on coming back, ‘cause it’s all I know”. A testament to their lyric-writing abilities, the duo manages to seed a first-listen catchiness into ‘Beautiful’s intricately involved song. Propelled floor-ward, by its pulsing bass and sky-kissing synths, ‘Beautiful Lies’ arrives today through all good sales and streaming channels [].