Emma Hewitt’s songwriting has often gravitated towards the introspective. Her penchant for stripping back the layers to revisit formative experiences and the quieter moments in her work was elevated to an entirely new level on her 2023, recollection-themed Ghost Of The Light LP.

Last month, Emma’s sublime x Solarstone team-up, ‘Children’, captured the essence of youth, innocence and abandon. Emma’s latest work ‘Fallen’, is her first x Roman Messer collaboration and provides the contrasting shadow to ‘Children’s light dealing with desensitization in the modern world and posing the question “what do we become if we don’t feel?”.

Of ‘Fallen’, Emma says: “Fallen’ came about when my brother and I were living in LA. A friend of ours, Michael Tuller, was working on this Tarantino-style film VANish. We had this idea to create a track with some Spaghetti Western style jangly guitars, classic Hollywood strings and gunshot sounding drums. We wanted the song to ask what someone would be capable of if they’d become completely desensitized to their emotions. The song was originally featured on VANish’s soundtrack, but we decided to revisit it for Ghost Of The Light with some additional production. For some reason, even though the song is quite a different tangent, it just felt like the lyrical questions kind of fit with the album theme.

For ‘Fallen’s always-intended clubification, Emma’s linked up with Suanda Records boss Roman Messer. From from the studio boxes they’ve summoned a floor-storming production that links compellingly charged lyrics with a herculean mainline, set to lift the roof off any club it’s unleashed in.

Emma Hewitt and Roman’s ‘Fallen’ is available to stream and in stores today. Find it here [https://blackhole.lnk.to/fallen].


01: Emma Hewitt x Roman Messer – Fallen (Original Mix)
02: Emma Hewitt x Roman Messer – Fallen (Original Extended Mix)